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Parent Activities

The Little Engine That Could is the first book that will be mailed to your child.
Here are some activities you can do with your child. Don’t try to do everything the firs time you read it. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy sharing this story.

Starting Up

Read the title to your child and ask, “What do you think this story might be about?”

Look at the cover of the story together.  Point to several characters and ask, “What do you see?”

You can follow up with, “Do you think this story takes place now or maybe in long ago times? Why?”

Reading the Story

Is the Little Blue Engine a girl or boy? How do you know?

Look closely at the toys on the train. What toys would you add to the train? Would you add any food to the train?  What food would you add?

The Little Engine carries a lot of goodies and toys in her car.
If you were a train, what sorts of things would you want to carry? What wouldn’t you want to carry?

After the Story

How do you think the Little Engine feels at the end of the story?

Why does she feel that way?

How do you think the toys and the children feel?

Has there ever been a time when you had to do anything that was really hard and you had to keep trying until you succeeded?


The Power of Talking to your Baby