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Program Impact

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

                                    – Emilie Buchwald

Helping children to be on track for meeting the educational goal of “college and career readiness” begins way before children even enter pre-kindergarten, it actually begins at BIRTH!

The foundations of literacy and learning are laid during infancy and toddlerhood, when the brain undergoes its most dramatic development. During these first 3 years, children acquire the ability to think, speak, learn, and reason. Young children’s ability to use language and understand the meaning of spoken and written words is related to later achievement in reading, writing, and spelling. When early language and literacy skills are not appropriately developed in young children, an achievement gap or “language gap” emerges.

Parents play a critical role in the development of communication and early literacy skills. Children’s experiences with parents/caregivers and other family members in the early years is key to how language unfolds in early childhood and how children develop a foundation for their enjoyment of communication and of literacy. Access to books and one-on-one reading time in the preschool years is an important predictor of future literacy skills, and multiple studies have confirmed that reading to children every day during their preschool years not only will provide a lifetime of benefits, but is the single most important thing parents can do to prepare children for success in school.

                                   – New York City Department of Education

Our goal is to foster in children a love of reading, and promote the development of emergent literacy and language skills that are important for every child’s success in school by encouraging all parents to read aloud to their children every day from birth.

The research is clear on the benefits of reading aloud to children at an early age, and Imagination Library of Talbot County can complement and support all school-based improvement efforts by proactively engaging preschool children and their families to address a root cause of low student achievement and PREVENT the achievement gap before it occurs. The long-term economic and cost-saving benefits of this proactive approach are also substantial in the potential for: reducing the need for costly K-12 programs to address the needs of struggling students; improving graduation rates; lowering rates of social problems; and improving the quality of Talbot County’s workforce.

Links Supporting the Importance of Reading aloud to Children From Birth