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This program is a free gift to your child and you will never receive a bill for the books.  All we hope is that you will read to your child every day! Please note it may take 6-10 weeks to receive your first book.


Please notify us of any change of address so your child doesn’t miss a book! Enhance the time you spend reading with your child by choosing some of the reading activities listed in the Parent Activities link.

DID YOU KNOW… Reading aloud to young children is one of the most effective ways to prepare them for success in school and life?  Because an important part of brain development occurs within the first few years of a child’s life, it is key to start reading to them at a young age.  Some of the many befits of reading to young children include: helps them acquire early language skills; builds motivation, curiosity, memory, and self-esteem; enhances vocabulary, communication, and logical-thinking skills; teaches essential pre-reading skills; and builds a stronger foundation for school success.  Please take time to read every day with your child!

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